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To build an e-commerce website and mobile application for people to browse & purchase furniture for home delivery.

My Role:

User Research, UX Strategy, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping & Testing

May 2020 - Dec 2020
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I held a brief where identified client needs, target audience, and product requirements I also conducted market and competitor research I needed to identify what already existed in this domain so I can provide the solution which will leave all the other solutions behind. These steps helped to create personas and determine the requirements for the content and functionality that should be available on the product.

Feature List (Product requirements)


  • Logo
  • Nav Bar
  • Shopping Basket
  • Contact information
  • Search Box
  • Hero Slider
  • New in store
  • Most popular
  • Inspiration Ideas
  • Clearance Deals

Category Page

  • Full product listings
  • Sort by
  • Filters
  • Inspiration Ideas

Product Page

  • Description
  • Add to Basket
  •  Dimensions & Details
  • Care instruction
  • Delivery & Return
  • Price
  • Available colours
  • Similar/related products
personas description

Information Architecture

Once both content and functional requirements are ready, I developed a clear information architecture of the website and mobile app. The sitemap helps me to have a bird’s-eye view of the project content and spot any possible issues and confusion that users might experience.

site map


The next step was to create wireframes. I start by creating low-fidelity wireframes. In the first part of creating low-fidelity wireframes, I do not estimate frameworks I simply generate their variations. Then I chose the option that worked best and started developing it in more detail. When they are ready and tested, I pass to the creation wireframes with help of Adobe XD.

furniture Wireframes
furniture Wireframes

Visual Design and Prototype

The next stage is the visual stage.
I chose colors, infographics, fonts and other visual elements.
After the Visual Design, it is time to build a Clickable Prototype. At this stage, I build an interactive representation of the website and mobile app that has its closest resemblance to the final design in terms of details and functionality.

visual design examples
prototype for mobile
prototype for Web
project examples project examples 2


Working on this project from the initial stage to the completed prototype was exciting and sometimes challenging.
Although research is really important, it is also important to remember that constant testing and improvement, as well as user-centered thinking, are also key components of a successful project.

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